O.A. Post Co.

July 2012

In late summer 2012 Christopher O’Brien (O’B) rushed home from his job in private equity to go for a quick sail around the harbor in his boat with his childhood best friend Christopher O’Connell (O’C). As O’B untied the cleat hitch, he caught a glimpse of his wrist and realized that he had forgotten to take off his formal watch that he wore with a suit and tie earlier that day. After much discussion, tacking back and forth across the harbor several times until dark, the two agreed that there should be a watch that is both expressive and formal that can be worn from boardroom to beach chair. The idea for O.A. Post Co. set sail.

August 2012

O'B and O'C move from Rye to Boston to pursue their idea. While attending a function in Copley Center, the two debate which band colors to make, eventually asking the barkeep to weigh in. Eventually, the three agreed that they should begin with the colors of their alma maters, Georgetown University and Carleton University.

December 2012

Continuously working over the Thanksgiving holiday, but making sure to take a moment to give thanks, O'B and O'C put the concept they had mulled over for the last five months into words, and shared it with the crowd-funding community on Kickstarter.com. When it came time to name the company, it seemed only natural that they name it O.A. Post Co. The two launched the website oapostwear.com in conjunction with their Kickstarter campaign, and watched anxiously as it was visited by people in 65 countries, on every continent, in its first week.

January 2013

Happy New Year, indeed! The project on Kickstarter.com funded, and then some! Watches were sold around the world to destinations such as Italy, Romania, Mexico, and Australia. For the second time in a week, O'B and O'C celebrated with their friends, and made sure to thank those from afar such as Cristina C. and Lauren G.

February 2013

Word of O.A. Post's concept coming to market spreads throughout Boston, and local magazine BostInno profiles the brand and its creators. O'B and O'C read the following quote from the author to local Kickstarter backers such as Jill K. and Sean K during another champagne toast: "Why is it then, that buying a watch, by and large, is akin to buying a bad suit - grabbing whatever appeals to you off the rack and hoping it fits? There should be a better way. The guys of O.A. Post think they've found it. And I'm inclined to agree." Cheers.

April 2013

Bad news finally strikes. The initial watch order was delayed during the movement assembly process in Switzerland. For two weeks O'B and O'C sleep among pre-labeled shipping boxes in anticipation of receiving the pilot inventory and fulfilling the Kickstarter orders. Just when cardboard began to overtake the office, the order came. Kickstarter watches were shipped, and the cell phone pictures of Kickstarter backers wearing their watches began to pour in.

May 2013

The two rejuvenated the website oapostwear.com and launched their watches to the public market. 

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